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Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. (MLBP) controls the merchandising and licensing for all 30 MLB teams in both the American and National Leagues and affiliated entities and  Spring Training, Opening Day, All Star Game events, Division Series, League Championship Series, World Series and special programs.


All use of Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights on, or in connections with, products or services requires the express authorization of MLBP and/or the respective Major League Baseball entities.


MLBP secures protection for, and enforces the intellectual property rights of, all of the Major League Baseball entities against infringers and counterfeiters worldwide.  An important element of MLBP's enforcement program is the use of official labels, hang tags, holograms, licensee identification and other notices on all licensed goods and services.  The Major League Baseball portion of this website contains information to assist in the identification of official Major League Baseball products and the detection of infringing or counterfeit products.


Please Note: Prior to any seizure of suspected Major League Baseball counterfeit product, contact must be made with CAPS or MLBP for verification of the authenticity of the products.


MLBP's contact information:
Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.
245 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10167


MLB Product Identification

           Licensed Products



 MLB has over 400 licensees worldwide that manufacture products; MLB does not manufacture products

Products are manufactured worldwide including in China, Indonesia, Honduras, Bangladesh and many other countries

MLB licenses the rights to use MLB marks on a large variety of products that are sold at a wide array of price points that MLB does not control


MLB has three licensed product collections:

MLB Authentic Collection®
Cooperstown Collection®
Genuine Merchandise® Collection 


           MLB Authentic Collection

 How to identify the MLB Authentic Collection®:

 Products are identical to those worn/used on-field or in the clubhouse by players and other team personnel

Colors, styles, fabrications, logos and logo placements on such items are identical to what are on the products worn/used on-field or in the clubhouse

Products include, among other things, caps, helmets, uniforms, dugout jackets, jerseys, sunglasses, titanium necklaces, footwear, baseball equipment, and sunscreen



           Cooperstown Collection

 How to identify the Cooperstown Collection®:

 Products include vintage team logos and designs

Markets baseball history and nostalgia on replicas of old jerseys, T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, pins, pennants, etc.



           Genuine Merchandise®

The Genuine Merchandise® Collection combines:

MLB trademarks alone or together with designs and artwork owned by third parties (e.g., Nike)

Many different styles and colors – “catch all” merchandise category

Covers all products that do not fit into Authentic Collection® (on-field replicas) or Cooperstown Collection® (vintage products)

Includes a wide range of merchandise, such as:

   - Jewelry, costume jewelry, pins, medallions, watches, money clips, clocks

   - Trading cards, calendars, posters, decals, stationery

   - Knapsacks, carrying cases, wallets, umbrellas, duffel bags, backpacks 

   - Headwear, footwear, clothing, e.g., T-shirts, jerseys, outerwear, infantwear, swimwear

   - Sporting goods, balls, bats, golf equipment, toys, dolls, games, puzzles
















 Official products, such as caps, may display a hologram sticker and no hangtag

Holograms come in different shapes and sizes depending on the collection and the product




      Copyright/Licensee Notices

                                        Screen-Printed Apparel Only (Applies to all three Collections)

 All screen-printed apparel should have copyright or licensee notices screen-printed on the product: a) Licensee’s name or logo; b) “©” or “/”; and c) “MLB,” “MLBP” or Silhouetted Batter Logo (doesn’t apply to DRI-FIT fabric and high end women’s apparel):

NIKE ©    Majestic/  
 NIKE © MLBP   Majestic/MLBP

Screen-printed notice may appear on front or back of product